Converged Network Quality Monitoring –
Reduce Network Congestion and Locate Faults

With the majority of businesses using converged data and voice networks for communications and operations, this frequently leads to network congestion. This may be okay if you are using an enterprise application and it take a few more seconds to respond – but that’s not okay when your voice communication suddenly drops, mid-call. In partnership with Integrated Research (ir)  – SOFTEL provide network managed services to persistently monitor enterprise networks – specifically for voice communications, locating and identifying quality of service (QoS) issues, including:

  • Voice jitter
  • Packet drops
  • Network degradation
  • Network congestion
  • Faulty equipment identification
  • Voice quality monitoring and scoring
  • Real-time and historical reporting

Wherever there is an issue affecting voice communications on your network – don’t wait until you hear it from your users – get pro-active and pre-emptive with IR Prognosis!