SOFTEL: Contact Center Identity Management (OIM) for the Future.


SOFTEL’s Voice Activated PIN Reset Application

SOFTEL’s speech recognition application automates password resetting — freeing agents from this time-consuming burden and enabling them to focus on more critical challenges. The cost for password resets becomes no more than the cost of a telephone call. SOFTEL’s PIN Reset Application allows users to reset passwords from any telephone, anywhere at anytime; improves individual contact center agent productivity; performs as an agent-like service — without the associated costs; reduces user dependence on help desk resources; and accommodates emerging technologies; permits flexible implementation because of its modular design; includes customizable levels of security; and has full interoperability with SOFTEL’s suite of self-service applications.

Overall Identity Management

SOFTEL offers a comprehensive self-service suite which enhances existing identity management solutions such Microsoft’s Active Directory and IBM’s Lotus Notes. This solution is available as a premise-based appliance or as a hosted platform for service providers and is suitable for multi-tenant environments. It’s fully scalable, highly available with no single point of failure and ties into existing telecom environments thereby substantially offloading calls to the help desk.

Users require access to company systems around the clock. With escalating security requirements the burden on IT departments to ensure secure access is increasing. In addition, with the growing incidence of multi-pronged attacks against portals, the cost of protecting corporate assets is increasing exponentially. Self-service solutions addressing the issues of secure access are part of the answer providing valid users with the ability to restore their own access.

Functional components include:

>Self-Enrolment – users provide their personal information which is used for subsequent authentication.
>Voice Application – users access self-management components over the phone, using their voice.
>Web Application – users access self-management components over the web.
>Multifactor Authentication – users speak their ID, or enter it over the web, respond to challenge/response questions, with an optional source IP/ANI-validation or DTMF challenge options.
>Voice Biometric Capability – users can pre-register their voice prints and authenticate themselves using speaker verification to reduce call durations and augment security levels.
>Browser-based Administration – configuration, auditing and reporting tools.
>User & Group Exclusions – users can be prevented from using self-service applications.

The SOFTEL Secure Identity Management Solution Suite offers the following self-service controls which can be deployed individually or in combination:

>Password Reset allows users to securely reset their passwords against a variety of back-end stores, including Active Directory, eDirectory and Lotus Notes.
>RSA Token Reset allows users and administrators to manage RSA tokens over a telephony interface. Users can reset, resynchronize, disable lost/stolen tokens or gain temporary access without tokens. Administrators can track access, assign tokens and perform basic token administration remotely.
>RSA Secure Token provides an alternative to physical RSA devices. With virtually no deployment costs, a users’ mobile or landline phone becomes the channel to authenticate them and allow access by software token.

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