SOFTEL: Not Just Managed Services.

Sometimes, technologies designed to increase productivity within an organization can also create levels of complexity, increasing risks when making transitions from legacy platforms to virtualized environments. If you find that you are spending too much time managing your applications – instead of operating them – maybe it’s time to talk to SOFTEL Communications!

For nearly two decades, we have provided Day 2 Service Support, Monitoring and Management of solutions, applications and devices across converged client networks. Our Managed Services monitor IP-based communication system devices, applications, voice routers and switches for fault and performance events. From our Network Operations Centers (NOC), we resolve Incidents and take the lead in co-managing networks of applications across any infrastructure, as an extension of your IT team. Also providing visibility into the state of your network through our best-in-class Remote Monitoring and Management Platform. Our advanced Recording and Reporting technology aggregates performance, availability and fault information into real-time, daily, and monthly reports. All of which allows you to simply get on with your operations.

SOFTEL experts work closely with a business enterprise in all aspects of an integrated contact center and across UC strategies — from people, technologies and processes to operations and Best Practices. We have extensive implementation and operation experience of a wide range of Unified Communications Solutions;

Incident Management Services

Placing your Incidents for Tracking and Resolution in our ticketing and monitoring tool eliminates disjointed processes and ensures that Incidents are dealt with, exactly as you designed them to be. You can also define automate repeatable processes for regular or similar occurrences, to increase efficiency and success.

Problem Management Services

Multiple Incidents, leading to a major Problem are identified, analysed, tracked and resolved – from cradle-to-grave. Using ITIL Issue Resolution processes, we complete a Problem Cycle with Quality Monitoring, to ensure repeat Incident are kept to a minimum, increasing stability and operational effectiveness.

Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Our Remote Monitoring and Management Services provides a single “pane of glass” for multiple UC networks. This allows operators to efficiently manage all collaboration devices across Cloud Services, multiple clusters and multiple geographical locations and gain end-to-end voice application and network performance visibility.

Capacity Management Services

SOFTEL’s Capacity Management Service monitors, manages, identifies, controls and predicts infrastructure capacities of telecom and UC resources, against established baseline requirements. All of the underlying IT infrastructure (SOA and Cloud Services) are identified for inclusion are managed so that operational performance is consistently maintained providing a stable, metered environment. Growth and expansion factors are extrapolated, to ensure a timely notification and intervention, when capacities are nearing set levels.

Standard MACD Management Services

Configuration Management and move, add, change and deletion (MACD) processing is managed through the SOFTEL ticketing system, in line with predefined Change Management Processes, arranged with clients. Generally administered as a pre-paid block of activity, requests for changes on Unified Communications Platforms cover a wide variety of Applications, Solutions and Technologies.

Advanced MACD Management Services

Beyond the general administrative MACD configuration, Advanced Configuration Management includes complex changes required of software, hardware, middleware and/or UC telco peripherals. Focusing on the operational, rather than the administrative, this Service is fully defined through a Scope and Statement of Work (SOW).

Why SOFTEL Managed Services?

SOFTEL have been providing supporting services to Contact Centers for over 2 decades, in sectors such as Finance, Health Care, Retail, Utilities and Transportation. Our knowledge of Applications, Solutions, Platforms and Operations, coupled with our experience in contact center environments, providing a professional, front-line service has benefited dozens of leading global organizations, who operate complex Unified Communications technologies. And we understand the bottom line; system downtime loses business, creates backlog – and therefore costs money. With industry-level SLA’s and guaranteed time to Response, Restoration and Resolution, SOFTEL’s Unified Communications and Contact Center Managed Services offer superior incident management. We are dedicated to restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible, whilst minimizing impacts to business operations. And we show Service Resolution in action; our ticketing and monitoring portal allows direct user access to the services we are providing on each site, including key performance indicators, system alarms, service performance, network usage and much more. As a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all operational and support matters, we assign our own Customer Service Manager (CSM), heading our team delivering day-to-day tactical support. Our CSM’s are on-hand to manage the strategic aspects of your operations, whilst maintaining the vital role of relations with on-site customers.