Microsoft Skype for Business Innovations

Microsoft have been investing heavily in their acquired Skype for Business Platform. As it turns out, their innovations have been swift; later this year we can expect translations with live, automated text captions from Microsoft Bing’s translation service as an integral part of the Skype Meeting broadcasts, alongside enhanced presentation and sharing features;


Skype for Business standard interface

Skype for Business (SfB – formerly called “Lync” under Microsoft) provides remote participation, presentation, screen and file sharing with video, voice and chat sidebars – all of which can be locally hosted in secured enterprise networks. By comparison GoToMeeting and other, CITRIX-based presentation and sharing facilities are being brushed aside in favor of Microsoft’s SfB Industry Standard offering.

SOFTEL’s SfB Development Team are at the forefront of combining SfB interfaces at component level, one of only a handful of providers utilizing the UCMA/UCWA and API elements to bring SfB functionality to customized business and enterprise systems. Combining the basic elements of SfB with Facilities Management Security, SOFTEL’s SOFIA is an excellent example of innovation born from understanding how to integrate a unified communications element within existing infrastructure;



Microsoft SfB provide innovations in sectors as diverse as Healthcare, Security, Contact Centers, Government, Cloud Services and is also set to replace legacy/standard telephony features within some businesses. The future of SfB also has more security features in mind, looking to combine Biometric and enhanced voice security features, through API integrations with existing security solutions and providers.

As an integrated element within a connected world, SfB is gearing up to become a de facto part of business infrastructure both internally – and externally. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the form of Bots is already available in the commercial version of Skype. By extension, building a business Bot to provide an interface to customers is a next logical step. With the inclusion of Knowledge and Content management, a “Front Door” Service can be honed and nurtured, providing a context and content-rich solution reflecting a company’s persona.

Microsoft SfB is continually moving forwards with innovations that will touch every aspect of Unified Communications for enterprises.

SOFTEL are ready for the challenge – are you?