Cisco Monica | SOFTEL Sofia – beyond AI!


SOFTEL’s partnership with Cisco continues to bring us closer to their developing technologies. At the recent Cisco Live 2016 event (“Collaboration Reimagined”), Cisco introduced “Monica” – their beta Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Assistant (DA) which is currently gaining a voice within their conferencing devices – soon to be rolled out across other devices, apps (and bots) in the Cisco central architecture.  With a central AI/DA system built into their Cloud, what sort of benefits might we expect for businesses operating Contact Centers and Unified Communications?

Aside from the standard functions you might expect from a Digital Assistant supporting individuals in your enterprise (Calendars, Reminders, Communications, Queries, etc.), the extended capabilities for AI within CC/UC are probably a little more comprehensive than you might think;

  • SOFIA Integration; Utilizing Monica with SOFTEL’s Skype 4 Business security interface means having a semi-autonomous method of screening and operations for facilities security and access.
  • App Bot Integrations; Teaching a specific DA/AI unit how to recognize and respond to enquiries and requests using a persona which reflects your own business brings automation to Content and Knowledge management.  Almost in the same way an Agent or Advisor might use Scripts and integrated systems to reference and frame responses, a Bot Auto-responder can be developed to extract the same levels of detail – automatically and systematically dealing with initial enquiries across (Social) Media.
  • Artificial Intelligence Collaborations; AI is, by definition, a learning technology. Defining business and intellect rules – and adding to that with enterprise integrations for CRM and back-end systems – brings a new dimension of information to your workforce.  An Agent Digital Assistant can be developed to work seamlessly with integrated systems, bringing information to them in real-time, as an interaction transpires.
  • Workflow Integrations; extending capabilities for DA/AI to integrate with existing workflow and workforce management solutions can provide Agents and Advisors with instant access to planning, forecasting – and adherence information.

The diverse nature of an AI Digital Assistant means it could easily be seen as a new member of your team. And, with the right access to your integrated systems, coupled with the intelligence to bring the right information and assistance to your workforce, in real-time, it’s clear that Cisco’s Monica is set to benefit any Contact Center infrastructure!

See the Cisco Live 2016 event on YouTube, here;