Does your Contact Center monitoring and reporting reflect your Customer Journey – or your internal SLA’s? Do you know where all the touch points are for your Customer Journey – and has anything changed, lately? Across such a complex platform of solutions, sometimes you really do have to take that journey and put yourself in your customer’s shoes, so that you understand where any bottlenecks and pinch points might be, allowing you to address them. SOFTEL’s experience in Contact Center monitoring extends to identifying and reporting on customer touch points, throughout that customer journey. From our experiences, we’ve gathered together some highlights as a handy guide to some of the questions you may need to investigate through your Voice Channels, to help you to optimize your processes and to maintain a quality service beyond your Contact Center KPI’s and SLA’s;

Customer Touchpoints

Customer Touchpoints

Customer Touch Points

The IVR Experience

  • Do all of the Options function as designed?
  • Are any Options unused by callers?
  • Are any Options excessively utilized in the overall flow – and is that expected behavior?
  • Are there any “drop out” points within the IVR journey?
  • Are any Options being “avoided”?
  • Do any announcements contain ambiguous words, phrases or abbreviations?

Identification and Verification (IDV)

  • What IDV information travels with the call?
  • Does the IDV information operate in all instances across the caller journey?
  • Is the caller required to be verified more than once, at any point in their journey?

Call Routing/Information

  • What call information travels with the call?
  • What information is/can be appended to the call from local (look-up) sources, to aid the caller journey?
  • What information is not used in call routing – can it be removed?
  • Are there any “drop out” points within the call routing?

Right Resource/First Time?

  • Are callers being routed to the right resources, for every Option/vector?
  • Are there any “drop out” points within the target routing?
  • What information is passed with the call, to the resource – is it sufficient or is more information required?

Transfers/Consult Calls

  • Are you able to trace the path of transferred calls between resources?
  • What (types of) calls are being internally transferred?
  • Are any transfers considered excessive per resource?
  • Is another route/option required to counter excessive internal transfers?

After Call Analysis (Reason Codes)

  • Are you able to compare what the caller wanted (IVR digits or Rotuing) with what the resources served (after call Reason Code)?
  • Do they match? If not – what path did the caller journey take and how can that be addressed?

It’s clear that having SLA and KPI information is paramount to effective Contact Center operations. It is also clear that the customer experience and their journey through your Contact Center is just as important. Asking the right questions and addressing gaps in that journey will lead to a higher quality of service, optimized processing and, ultimately, a better business model.

If you would like more information on the techniques, processes and tools available to monitor and address your customer journey through your voice channels – why not contact us, today? SOFTEL’s experience with the customer journey spans more than 20 years – and we’ve walked in a lot of customer’s shoes!