About Us

Moving Forward Together

SOFTEL has spent more than 20 years walking in our customers’ shoes – and we’ve worn out a lot of shoes since 1993!  For each step of the way, we have been able to take a look into the future, ensuring our solutions and services reflect not only what “is” – but what “will be”.  For every customer project, the primary driving force is meeting their needs and addressing their business issues.
From initial discoveries, our journey together encompasses their needs, meeting each opportunity with our experience, expertise and knowledge, to make technology work for them.

How do we do it ?

The SOFTEL management team leverage individual business skills, technology backgrounds and areas of expertise to create a strong organization that continually provides innovative and intuitive solutions for all of our customers.  Through growth and technology UPDATES, SOFTEL’s management team has maintained a culture that is;

  • Customer-centric

  • Flexible

  • Innovative

  • Collaborative

  • Responsive

Our skills

Our skilled technicians, engineers, project & operational managers and supporting staff bring with them a wealth of knowledge in both legacy and emerging technologies, within;

  • Day 2 Support and Quality Assurance
  • Multi-Platform Integrations
  • Multi-Channel Integrations
  • Multimedia and Social Media Integrations
  • IoT Applications and Integrations
  • Voice Biometrics Applications & Integrations
  • Contact Center
  • Unified Communication
  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Mobility Services Application Integrations
  • Cloud Computing/SaaS Deployment
  • Application and Infrastructure Solutions Monitoring
  • Technology Security Applications
  • Big Data Analytics

Our knowledge base and expertise continues to grow as underlying technologies exist, grow and evolve.

SOFTEL have been in a position of trust for over 20 years aligning it’s expertise with technology partners and their customers to deliver services and solutions that truly speak for themselves.  We make business problems simple and, in doing so, we continually evolve together.

Our specialization

Contact Center and IVR
Microsoft Lync
Unified Communications
Software Development
Project Managment