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White Paper: Automation in Contact Centers

Contact center automation enhances customer interactions, is Agent-less so reduces effort and drives greater quality at low cost – but adoption in the industry is slow because old, legacy, on-site platforms weren’t designed to cope with them… Here, SOFTEL takes a look at what’s new – what the benefits are – and how to get there..!

Top 5 Best Practices for Contact Center Projects

Building and defining business issues and enterprise requirements, then turning them into a project with an operational delivery plan for a complex contact center can seem quite a heavy task.  We’ve noticed that, over time, our client’s and customer’s business requirements have shifted from being fully-defined, to a series of “wants and needs” with a […]

The Risks of Moving your Contact Center Operations to the Cloud

There’s a lot of architecture and hardware involved with Contact Centers operations.  Especially those which have evolved over time and maintain legacy CRM and CTI elements such as DEC VAX, AS400/iSeries and PBX/Switches deployed at each site.  Just the thought of creating a plan to transition all of those elements to the Cloud is enough […]

Why your Genesys statistics don’t match up!

A question we’ve been asked countless times: “Why don’t my reporting stats match up exactly, across my Genesys Reporting Solutions?”.  With a range of Genesys solutions which could be utilized across the CIM Platform, it’s sometimes not so obvious where their similarities and differences might be.  Here’s a few pointers, for those who are feeling the […]