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Cisco Monica | SOFTEL Sofia – beyond AI!

SOFTEL’s partnership with Cisco continues to bring us closer to their developing technologies. At the recent Cisco Live 2016 event (“Collaboration Reimagined”), Cisco introduced “Monica” – their beta Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Assistant (DA) which is currently gaining a voice within their conferencing devices – soon to be rolled out across other devices, apps (and bots) in […]

Avaya Integration with Genesys

Rumor has it that Genesys are considering buying the contact center and customer services elements of Avaya, including the business streams which sit within products such as Aura, Flare and the one-X communicator. SOFTEL’s experience with [Avaya], [Genesys], [Microsoft] and [CISCO] gives us a unique viewpoint on a future where many of these platforms may […]

IoT for Healthcare Contact Centers: A Logical Step

IoT Devices for Biometrics Combining the technologies and services which support both Biometric and telemetry devices can be a confusing. From the local interfaces, through the myriad communications and data streams, through to the reactive elements supporting the information flow, it can be complex! Extending these uses through the addition of services such as data and information convergence, […]

Microsoft Skype for Business Innovations

Microsoft have been investing heavily in their acquired Skype for Business Platform. As it turns out, their innovations have been swift; later this year we can expect translations with live, automated text captions from Microsoft Bing’s translation service as an integral part of the Skype Meeting broadcasts, alongside enhanced presentation and sharing features; Skype for […]

Hints and Tips for Contact Center Metrics

This blog article takes a quick look at the basics of Business Rules, Business Goals and their relationship to Service Level and Key Performance metrics specific to Contact Centers, defining each and then focusing on some “Best Practices” for ensuring operational efficiency and optimization with some Hints and Tips; The Basics of Business Rules and Business […]

Genesys: Reporting in a Mixed Environment

It should be the simplest of tasks to be able to trace an inbound call from arrival to termination, right?  Unfortunately, enterprise reporting of call routing can be a tricky path, especially in a mixed platform environment.  If you are using the Genesys platform voice routing solution alongside any legacy telephony or “back up” vector/ACD […]

How the App Bot Will Change Contact Centers

The march towards putting utilities and services into the palm of anyone’s hand continues.  Having a Smartphone App – or even a “mobile-friendly” responsive website is testament to the fact that consumer interfaces are getting more and more compact.  But does this mean the end for the more traditional channels of interactions in the contact […]

Transitioning Enterprise UC Solutions to The Cloud

Under Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong, will!), the prospect of transitioning to The Cloud can seem very daunting for any contact center enterprise.  Structurally – and commercially – it should make sense to remove local architecture in favor of hosting it elsewhere.  All the pointers are there; less real estate means less money […]

Innovation for Medication Adherence – SOFTEL Communications, mHealthcare Team

Why Medication Adherence? Most of us go about our daily lives without much thought to the issue of medication adherence – unless you or a loved one need to follow a strict schedule of prescription drugs and/or treatments. According to various demographic health studies, the lack of adherence to medication represents one of the highest […]

Quality IVR Deployments: the 7 “Don’ts”…

In our experience, you can never over-utilize a good thing – when you get it right – mostly… An IVR, – as a business necessity – doesn’t have to be a burden to you or your customers. Here’s SOFTEL’s shortlist of “Don’ts” for your IVR deployments; 1. Don’t Deploy Early: A badly-developed or poorly implemented […]