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Big Data Analytics

Every Unified Communications provider has an associated platform with extensive analytics and reporting capabilities.  As Contact Center-centric tools, they provide all of the interaction and channel component statistics, reports and insights needed to run Contact Center operations.  With the added integration of IoT (Internet of Things), wearable tech and end-devices bring with them a whole new area of data provision.  Suddenly, the Contact Center is an information source that serves an increasingly critical role. With the right access to IoT, literally billions of items of data can be collected, collated, aggregated, analysed, qualified and actioned – giving the Contact Center a new central role as a custodian of Big Data.

A major benefit to sectors such as Healthcare, Logistics and Retail, IoT and Big Data go hand-in-hand.  Masses of actionable, real-time information being fed into a distributed framework of data warehousing.  And it makes sense that a Contact Center is the right place to handle the interactions of that data – as veterans of the Multi- and Omni-Channel interactions, IoT and Big Data are a natural extension of the Contact Center role.

But how?

SOFTEL’s experts are best placed to analyse, plan, connect, converge, design, develop and deliver this exciting new area of interaction, through the implementation of Big Data Analytics. Using Big Data architecture, along with custom solutons that can provide the means to apply analytics, reponsive actions, alerts and notifications, we are at the forefront leading and establishing best practices in this new area of customer interaction derived between devices and businesses or consumers.
Beyond the standard practices of the Contact Center today is a role of the Data Custodian resulting from the technologies of tomorrow – SOFTEL have the means to make this data valuable and actionable for your business !