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SOFTEL Secure accurately confirms identities in seconds using voice and facial biometrics or by using OCR Secure paperless method of preventing identity impersonation for document identification. It’s all done in real-time to provide a more secure paperless method of preventing personal impersonation.
Solutions can be used independently or in any combination, to provide;

  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • ID Document Capture
  • Credit Card Capture

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Configure and customize SOFTELSecure to suit your organization’s specific requirements. SOFTELSecure’s flexibility lets you choose how to deploy the solution – from PC or smartphone to a call center.
SOFTEL Secure provides a higher level of security for industries such as Healthcare and Finance – where security is critical. Whatever your business, you need SOFTELSecure if data security and identity fraud protection are important to your security – and success.