SOFTEL offers: a proven process for successfully migrating any contact center platform to Skype for Business on-line.

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“Guidelines for Migrating Avaya Customers to Office 365 and Skype for Business with Enhanced Contact Center Functionality”




Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business Cloud PBX Solutions, together with SOFTELs innovative Contact Center solutions provide a feature-rich platform of features, functions and services for omnichannel customer engagement.


SOFTEL is aligned to the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework

  • Envision – Initial Consultations SOFTEL uses Skype Operations Framework (SOF) to scope the customer’s enterprise and cloud capacity, seats, functions and business requirements through consultations and Workshops,
  • Assess – Feasibility & Gap Analysis produce feasibility and gap analysis for Skype for Business PBX, architecture & solutions on a like-for-like basis against the customers’ existing Avaya Platform and other contact center or unified communications solutions or peripherals.
  • Design create a high-level architectural design and migration plans, including; commercials, operations, phased migration, deployments, delivery executions, support, monitoring and reporting.
  • Migration deploy and enable low-level migration plans for delivery of enterprise, hybrid and cloud elements, along with delivery of the infrastructure, architecture, networks, platform, solutions, applications and peripherals.
  • Service & Support migrate, run, monitor, service and support Skype for Business PBX Cloud solutions.