• A Skype for Business Kiosk application

  • Runs on a touch-screen-enabled interface

  • Log all activities – for reports and security purposes

  • The latest technology at your office’s front door

  • Intuitive and easy to use

What is Sofia ?

SOFIA is a video-enabled access security solution which can be deployed at multiple points of entry/exit.  With touch-screen technology to create or expand an existing security solution, SOFIA can also provide enhanced security features (PIN entry systems, etc.)  As a fully-integrated concierge system, SOFIA offers internal security and/or reception staff the ability to interact with visitors face to face, from either the SOFIA DESKTOP or the SOFIA GO Solutions.

How does Sofia work ?

Using Microsoft’s Skype for Business (SfB) Kiosk, Desktop and Mobile Applications, SOFTEL’s SOFIA brings state-of-the-art video communications solutions to buildings and facilities security.  Providing the ability to video conference through a secure portal, staff and visitors are able to utilize enhanced features of modern security;

SOFIA RECEPTION: A Skype for Business Kiosk application, running on a touch-screen-enabled interface, which may be deployed in multiple locations, connecting existing security protocols with building infrastructure.
SOFIA DESKTOP: A Skype for Business application, distributed as a desktop application across authorized internal users, which also records user actions (date/time of access requests, etc.) to the SOFIA SERVER.
SOFIA GO: A multi-OS Skype for Business application, developed from the ground up to provide the same functionality as SOFIA DESKTOP – on the move.
SOFIA SERVER: A networked Solution supporting the user actions, connectivity, recording and integration(s) with local security systems/protocols (REST) for access.

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