Through innovation and collaboration,
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Contact Center Interaction Channels

Every industry has its own challenges when it comes to customer support. Companies all want to give the best experience to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction and repeat business. Customer high demands require companies to provide the goods, services, information and help they want in the form that they want it. During our two decades of  successfully integrating and implementing contact center and telephony applications, we have developed deep expertise and experience. This has helped our customers to attain the delicate balance of proactive, interactive, self-service customer support.

SOFTEL has strong integration and implementation experience on multi-vendor, Inbound and Outbound Contact Center solutions representing the following vendors and/or applications:

We have experience in:

  • Cloud-Based Contact Center Application Support
  • Microsoft Native Lync Contact Center and UCMA support
  • Avaya Inc.
  • Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
  • NICE Systems Ltd.
  • Verint Systems Inc.
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Work Force Management Systems (WFM)

Unified Communications Solutions

For many companies and organizations, solving business problems and addressing business issues has led them to solutions that use new tools, which converge the technologies of voice, web, mobility, IoT, and video.
Unified Communications (UC) can be a strategic approach for optimizing communications services of Contact Centers, in real-time. This includes a whole genre of interactive, real-time communications; voice, messaging (chat), presence information, mobility, telephony (including IP protocols), video conferencing, IoT integrations, data sharing (including one-to-many collaborations), call control , speech recognition and biometric authentications.

It also includes non-real-time communications, such as email, SMS, White Mail and FAX services. Unified Communications technologies have also made it possible to enhance or change business processes by integrating voice features and IoT metric capabilities into those processes.

We have experience in:

  • Optimizing and aligning internal with external customer interactions
  • Planning for Change & Current Assessments
  • Consultations & Recommendations for Improvements
  • Defining Business Objectives & User Adoption of Integrated Services
  • Using UC Modelling to Accelerate Change & Mitigate User Impacts
  • Support Update Monitoring & Provide Implementation Assessments
  • Defining Actionable Recommendations for Continual Management

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With the emergence of embedded technology, IoT is fast becoming a driver for connected businesses to re-focus and re-align their services, resources – and products.  With wearable tech becoming more accessible and smart meters providing resource savings, it isn’t any wonder!  The massive gains to be found in connecting to “source” devices are being realised in Sectors such as Health Care, Security, Infrastructure Management, Personal Health and Wellbeing.  An array of sensors, monitors, displays and controls – all interconnected.  Beyond the initial Services provided through IoT are the Insights to be gained; Propensity, Location, Frequency – and the emergence of Big Data Analytics.

SOFTEL are in the forefront of developing applications required to connect IoT devices to business processes for Industry and Consumers. From Biometrics to Patient Care, Consumer Connectivity to Analysis – and through collecting, collating and making sense of the data flows.

Through innovation and collaboration, we will help you evolve and produce results!

Mobility Services

The increase in the number of remote workers as well as “road warriors”, plus the entrance into the workforce of a very technology savvy generation has led to an increase in the use of mobile phones, iPads and Tablets in the workplace.

SOFTEL offers Mobility solutions that address a variety of customer business needs.

The SOFTEL Mobility solutions are compatible with Apple IOS, Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices.


SOFTEL has developed various market vertical applications in this growing area of authentication technology. Biometrics is the unique representation of and individual’s characteristics such as a person’s voice print ID, facial image or finger print.

This form of verification provides cost effective, reliable and secure multifactor authentication and can be used with mobile speech or selfie applications . Also in emerging multi-channel environments such as WebRTC platforms and Microsoft Skype for Business applications.

Cloud Computing

In alliance with it’s partners, SOFTEL offers comprehensive end-to-end life cycle expertise for cloud computing and SaaS for UC, Contact Center, and IoT Applications;

We have experience in:

  • Data and Applications Sharing (SaaS)
  • Community Cloud Solutions
  • Public Cloud Solutions
  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions & Security

Infrastructure Service Monitoring

To enable clients to monitor their mission critical applications and hardware proactively, SOFTEL offers solutions in the following areas:

We have experience in:

  • Hardware & operating system monitoring
  • Software patch management
  • Application services monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Firewall & security monitoring

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