• CX Digital Transformation

    CX Digital Transformation

SOFTEL plans and migrates your Customer Experience solutions from On-Premise to more versatile Cloud Microservices.

What is CX Digital Transformation?

Many large contact center consumers operate with very large, integrated systems which have been built over many years – sometimes decades – embedded into their own data centers, with local hardware, architecture and support taking up a large part of their budgets.

Digital Transformation is the process of transferring the functions and operations within a contact center to Cloud solutions. This not only reduces costs for operations but it also adds operational gains by using cutting-edge technologies, channels and solutions which are only available in the Cloud.

As a technical refresh, a process for optimization, a process for modernization – or simply to reduce operating costs, Digital Transformation provides a path for migrations on a major scale.

How can we help you?

SOFTEL’s Digital Transformation team supports your business operations and complex migration planning. We use cutting-edge cloud technologies that provide solutions for Automation, Optimization, Integration, and Augmentation.

We are certified to conduct transformation planning, assessments, investigations, and strategy for the migration of Contact Center (CC), Unified Communications (UC), and Customer Experience (CX) to Cloud Microservices.

Our CX Digital Transformation processes include the following phases and services:

Phase 1: Workshops | Initial Scope Exercise | Initial Assessment Report

Phase 2: Journey Mapping | Investigations | Assessments | Recommendations | Rationale | Planning | Strategy

Phase 3: Delivering Projects | Programs | Quality Controls | Iterations