SOFTEL is a Microsoft Gold Partner, delivering Productivity Cloud Services, Teams, Azure, Dynamics365 and Development Services.

What are Microsoft Cloud Services?

The Microsoft Cloud Services catalogue includes a vast array of solutions from office productivity (through voice and communications channels) to services supporting micro computing services across Microsoft Azure. 

Frequently, these services are provided with end user support in mind. However, the monitoring, adoption, license management and other aspects required by larger organizations are not provisioned by Microsoft. 

This is where we provide extensive support – through solutions and services which aim to assist, provision, monitor and measure license usage, user uptake, solution adoption, disparities in licences and current usage, etc.

How can we help you?

SOFTEL’s Certified Microsoft Cloud Service team provides many different services, solutions and packages, including:

Microsoft Telephony: Ingress, Egress and Standard Routing

Microsoft Direct Routing: Calling Plans, SBC and SIP Trunk Management

Microsoft Channel Integration Framework: Cross-Platform Integrations

Microsoft Teams Migrations: Lync and Skype for Business Migrations

Network Quality Monitoring: Voice and Data Converged Networks

User Adoption Services: Monitoring, Reporting and Training

License Monitoring Services: Identification, Adoption and Reporting

Microsoft Azure:Micro Services, Data Services, Migration and Integration Services.

Security & Compliance:Cloud, Application and Data security, access and regulatory compliance.

Data Analytics:Big Data stacks, AI integrations, business intelligence, management information and data monetization.