• Teams data in Power BI

Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solution that offers data analysis and business insights. Power BI differentiates from other self-service BI solutions for its tight integration with the Power Platform, the automation and AI toolbox for Office 365.

Power BI allows sharing insights through advanced data visualization with reports, paginated reports, dashboards, and hundreds of integrations to enable fast and informed decisions.

At SOFTEL, we rely on Power BI to offer customized Business Intelligence services, monitoring, troubleshooting tools, and automations that help businesses to adopt data-driven decision making and to streamline operations. Furthermore, we manage scalability, governance, and security for our customers, allowing businesses to focus on using data more than managing it.

Discover here some of the solutions that we have built with Power BI!

MS Teams Billback solution puts your MS Teams data into Power BI:

  • We have built clean, easy-to-read report pages
  • You can search, drill down, slice and dice the data as you need it
  • Our reports have been built to answer business questions and help you troubleshoot issues

See it in action:

Why SOFTEL’s MS Teams Billback Solution?

  • User friendly interface
  • Clear design helps you find the information you need
  • Customizable
  • Native to the Microsoft eco-system with Power BI
  • Leverages IP geolocation capabilities for easy troubleshooting
  • Information is easy to share
  • Supports alerting and automation capabilities with Power Platform integrations
  • Cost effective

MS Teams Billback Solutionfor GCC

Microsoft doesn’t support yet Power BI Service for GCC. However, GCC customers can still leverage the full functionality of Power BI Desktop to run the report and share it as a template for internal use.

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