Collaboration has never been as important as it is today.

In the last couple of years, unusual circumstances have shown us just how important the right connections can be. This discovery of the value of collaboration doesn’t just apply to our day-to-day experiences of teamwork. We’re also learning how important the right vendor and business partnerships can be too.

At SOFTEL, we’ve always believed in the power of partnership. In a world as complex and ever-changing as the communication and technology, no single company can deliver everything on its own. Even the biggest giants in the market, like Microsoft, know how important it is to have the right support.

In fact, Microsoft’s focus on powerful partnerships is one of the reasons we consider it to be among the most valuable companies we work with.

In recent years, Microsoft’s partnership-first ecosystem has allowed it to serve a host of companies dealing with the most complex digital transformation initiatives in a time of significant strain. Here’s how Microsoft and SOFTEL deliver better results, together.

Microsoft’s Partner Focus and the Rise of Operator Connect

Lately, Microsoft’s exceptional approach to flexibility and partnering with leading brands has helped it to accelerate its position as the world’s leading solution for UCaaS technology.

Microsoft’s Calling Plans or Direct Routing service paved the way to a future where companies of all sizes could build the perfect communication system within a familiar, flexible environment.

When Operator Connect emerged, it took the benefits of Direct Routing to the next level, allowing companies to leverage all of the power of Teams and their preferred communication provider, without the strain of additional coding requirements. Now, Microsoft is expanding its offering yet again to introduce Operator Connect Mobile, a fixed-mobile convergence solution.

Operator Connect Mobile, and Microsoft’s continued investment in Service Providers and powerful communications partners like SOFTEL have ensured companies can access the kind of bespoke, tailor-made solutions they need for success in today’s complex communication world.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach with clients, Microsoft has leveraged the power of innovators across the communication, contact center, SBC, and even mobile carrier landscape, to turn a convenient collaboration solution like Teams into a world-changing platform.

Microsoft Empowers its Partners

From almost day one with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft has focused on a strategy which empowers partners and technology innovators to deliver the best results to their end customers. The company does this not just by creating an open environment with Microsoft Teams, Azure, and other technologies, but also by addressing the deeper needs of partners.

For instance, when a customer approaches SOFTEL with a need for a Microsoft cloud solution, they can access a host innovative tools, from Microsoft direct routing by way of adding unique value to it’s powerful relationships with leading global Service Providers, to network quality monitoring, security and compliance tools and automation bots.

We can deliver this variety of solutions because Microsoft opens the door for our team to do what it does best. If a customer wants to work with Microsoft Teams as their central communication system today, they can come to us and get a free trial paid for by Microsoft, to improve their chances of understanding and leveraging the technology properly.

Microsoft, like SOFTEL, embraces the power of partnerships to give the customer the best possible outcomes. Microsoft can offer customers a convenient and powerful collaboration environment in the form of Teams. At the same time, SOFTEL can swoop in to deliver contact center expertise, innovation, automation, and Azure Communication Services (ACS) capabilities.

We can even work alongside Microsoft’s Operator Connect partners to leverage the latest features in the mobile landscape for today’s Microsoft Teams contact centre customers. This could mean working alongside the market leaders in 5G to improve your company’s mobility or upgrading your Teams ecosystem with the power of automated tools built specifically for Azure.

How SOFTEL Leverages Microsoft Solutions

Through a close and long-standing relationship with Microsoft, SOFTEL can offer customers a huge range of benefits, specific to their communications needs. As Operator Connect becomes the go-to provisioning solution for Microsoft Teams, SOFTEL can leverage the unique features of Microsoft’s communication partners to ensure end-users get the best possible experiences for both their unified communication and contact centre features.

We’ve also been able to make the most of a host of additional upgrades in the Microsoft ecosystem over the years, building new 911 services for customers, and our incredible Journey Automation Bot, to simplify the transition to digital transformation for our customers.

SOFTEL’s Phone Onboarding BOT is only one of the flavours of our Journey Automation

Recently, we worked with a customer looking to deliver white-glove services across 400+ locations. Thanks to our relationship with Microsoft, SOFTEL was able to deploy over 60,000 voice users within Teams with no rollback. Perhaps most impressively of all, we saved our customer over $6 million in deployment costs.

When customers work with SOFTEL and Microsoft together, they get access to a dedicated partner who can provide end-to-end enablement on the Microsoft platform, without the stress of complex coding and expensive services. SOFTEL solutions built into Microsoft are designed to work natively within the ecosystem, because they’re built on the Microsoft platform, and designed via close cooperation with the Microsoft team.

Microsoft and SOFTEL Better Together

Microsoft’s partner-focused ecosystem means innovative companies like SOFTEL can build directly on Microsoft technology to deliver the unique solutions users need. We can also take advantage of the various funding mechanisms Microsoft can offer to get teams up and running on their digital transformation journey as quickly as possible.

While Microsoft forms the foundation of the communication platform for today’s digitally-transforming brands, SOFTEL can take on the role of the trusted advisor, delivering a global solution across multiple countries. We speak multiple languages and understand the regulatory requirements in each country, so we can provide a holistic approach, with an individual, localized focus.

SOFTEL can even offer ready-to-go Microsoft account solutions through the Microsoft landscape, built to take full advantage of the Microsoft landscape. As our customers and Service Provider partners often tell us, we’re Microsoft’s best kept secret!