SOFTEL develops new and innovative ways to integrate existing and new technologies that save you time and money, with the focus on keeping your customers happy.

What are System Integrations for Unified Communications?

Systems Integrations are an integral element which sits between contact centers, unified communications, customer experience, digital experience and the enterprise or business. 

System Integrations are required when some of those elements are either not designed or not developed to integrate fully, as required by the business enterprise. 

System Integration for Unified Communications provides the “glue” between those elements, ensuring a business has a robust platform of solutions, fit for their purposes.

How can we help you?

SOFTEL’s System Integration team focuses on your customer’s experiences. We focus on the needs of your customer by understanding how and where they are situated in every interaction, process, method and workflow.

Our Consumer-Centric Solution Include:

Development: Using industry standards for robust solutions

Integrations: Using technical methods to build integrations between contact center elements and other enterprise solutions

Innovations: Using cutting edge technologies to optimize your business operations

Thought Leadership: Defining strategies and planning for new solutions within complex contact center environments